Sitemap - 2023 - Cyber Oracle

Over 15,000 GitHub Repositories Vulnerable to "Repojacking" Attacks, Threatening Software Supply Chain

Critical Vulnerabilities Expose Windows Hello Authentication on Popular Laptops: Research

FCC Implements New Safeguards Against SIM-Swapping Scams and Port-Out Frauds

Dependabot's Deception: Uncovering Vulnerabilities in CI/CD Pipelines

Arid Viper, Aligned with Hamas, Behind Android Spyware Campaign Targeting Arabic-speaking Users

Canada Bans Tencent and Kaspersky Apps from Government Mobile Devices Over Privacy and Security Concerns

Google Enhances Play Protect: Real-Time Code Scanning to Thwart Novel Malicious Apps

EtherHiding: Malware Campaign Exploits Binance's Smart Chain to Serve Deceptive Browser Updates

Gaza-Based Threat Actor 'Storm-1133' Targeting Israeli Energy, Defense, and Telecom Firms Unveiled in Microsoft's Digital Defense Report

GitHub Accounts Compromised in Deceptive Campaign; Malicious Code Disguised as Dependabot Contributions

Malicious npm Packages Strike Again: Exfiltrating Kubernetes Configurations and SSH Keys

TikTok Faces Staggering €345 Million GDPR Fine for Child Data Mishandling

HijackLoader: The Rising Threat in Cybercrime's Arsenal, Delivering a Payload Punch

Russian State-Sponsored Hackers Target Ukrainian Military with Infamous Chisel Android Malware

Chinese Nation-State Cyber Espionage Group "Flax Typhoon" Targets Taiwan and Beyond

New Malware Can Send Your Location to an Attacker Every 60 Seconds

DPRK Linked Hackers Suspected in $40 Million Crypto Heist

Variant of XLoader Malware for macOS Found Under Guise of “Productivity App”

Roblox Game Devs Duped by Malicious npm Packages

Google prepares for the rise of quantum computing

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